Soma Fitness Combines Forces with Olympic Sprinter Malachi Davis!!!

OMG! We are sooo excited. If you follow us on Instagram you know that Summer and I recently went to the "Be the Change" conference in Las Vegas. It was a lot different from our old Vegas trips. For one, we didn't get a chance to sit by a pool, let alone think about a pool party. No sir, we were there to learn. Maybe that sounds boring but we actually had a really great time. Because we came up with a ton of amazing ideas for you! The first being to update the website. It's been about a week and we're still making changes but are pretty happy for the most part. But we didn't stop there. We met up with one of our friends Olympic track star Malachi Davis and talked about combining forces! That's right, from now on - all of our Soma Fitness programs will include a track workout with world-class runner Malachi Davis! Check out the video below for more goodies!