Gourmet delivered directly to you!

Personalized macronutrient meals,

curated for your metabolic and caloric needs.

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Soma Nutrition conveniently delivers dramatic results by providing calorically custom, macronutrient balanced meals along with the accountability you need to thrive on your wellness journey.

+ Optimal food intake increases metabolism and provides the energy you need to burn fat.
+ Whole food, plant based fiber supports gut health and healthy digestion
+ Ongoing online coaching and support independent of location
+ Ready-to-eat options for Manhattan based delivery

Soma Nutrition is NOT a meal delivery company.We meticulously craft personalized nutritional plans that address metabolic imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, and digestive distress. We then deliver wholesome pre-cooked meals direct to our clients; resulting in improved energy, maximized performance, and optimized health.

New York, NY

Our food is 100% non-gmo.
When possible, we source local organic produce from sustainable food partners.