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Ready to crawl under barbwire? Jump over fire? Throw spears? Turn friends into family, while together you conquer crazy obstacles like rope climbing over a muddy pond?

In December 2012, I did my first Spartan Race in Malibu. It was pouring rain outside, and I was freezing, but when the race started, pure adrenaline ran through my body. I’ve never felt so fearless and strong! Talk about good times!

I’ve been talking about the Spartan Race experience for a year and a half. Now I’m ready to rock again and I want you to join my sister Tamara and me. The Spartan Sprint is great for everyone, from beginners to seasoned athletes because everyone is able to go at their own pace!


(Check me and my team out at the December 2012 Spartan Sprint in Malibu)

Sound like good times to you? Join us at the upcoming Spartan Sprint on the morning of Sunday, September 14, 2014 in gorgeous Temecula at Vail Lake (about an hour or so outside of Los Angeles). The Spartan Sprint is a 5K  (3+ mile) race with more than 15 obstacles to test your physical and mental strength!

Because the Spartan Race is such an amazing way to connect with friends and make new ones we’ve decided to host FREE Spartan training meetup and invite you to join our team!

We’ll be hosting free weekly training sessions at various Los Angeles area outdoor locations like Runyon Canyon, Fryman Canyon, Santa Monica and Jefferson stairs, Kenneth Hahn Park, and Lake Hollywood. We will also post weekly Soma Superheroes approved recipes and workouts to help you build the muscle and strength you’ll need for race day!

To sign up for our training and learn how to save 10% on your Spartan Sprint entry when you join the Soma Superheroes Spartan team, click here.

To find out when our next Meetup workout is click here!

See you all at training! Aroo!!!