Hey guys!
Alright super controversial subject here – and I don’t really like talking about it because you folks on 8 and 2-week programs need to plug your ears! Alright, so what happens when you’re done with the program, and it’s summertime, you maybe wanna have a drink of alcohol? Yes! Alright, there’s actually some things that you can do that are a little bit more safe. Now tequila is gonna be grain free. It’s made from agave so if you have any issues with gluten, tequila would probably be one of you’re safer options. Um, try mixing it with a little water
just a regular water on the rocks, and something really cool that you can do with tequila actually or vodka gin all of the above – get lemon or lime wedges and mix it with your favorite pack of stevia. So if you get your tequila, lime juice and some stevia it tastes pretty much like a little margarita, alright. So that’s one little tip as
well. Have the guy, the bartender muddle some mint into it. Mint with fresh lemons, even maybe a
blueberry vodka with a splash of water tastes like your blueberry lemonade. Try to stay away from your really heavy
beers like Guinness and and darker lagers like that. Wine is good on occasion, uh it does a little bit as sugar so
try to watch out on the wine – maybe once a week you know once a month if if you’re really trying to watch yourself,
but definitely the clear liquors are the best. Do it water back, over the rocks, uh with some stevia and your fresh lemon or lime.