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Day 2 and my weight is down to 130.8, which is 1.2 lbs from where I started yesterday. I despise cardio. It’s always been that way. So that will be the most challenging part of this week. Consistency with cardio.

My diet is so enjoyable, and important to note that about two months ago I did a candida diet and was completely sugar and fruit-free, so the one banana a day is heaven!  I like to mix things up on the regular.  Throughout the year I’ll bulk to add muscle, eating upwards of 2500-2800 calories per day; i’ll cut to get rid of flab; i’ll cleanse to reset my body, etc…

The body is highly adaptable, so if your diet isn’t changing frequently, your body will stay the same. Think of that concept going both directions.  Dropping calories gradually over a period of time, coupled with exercise will result in fat loss. Raising calories over a period of time, coupled with exercise will result in some sort of gains. If you are lifting heavy and keeping macro nutrient balanced for your goal, you’ll gain muscle with very little fat. If you skip the exercise and eat an unbalanced high carb/ high fat diet, you’ll more than likely gain fat. Now if you found a comfortable diet, that you just love and lose weight for a period of time but then begin to plateau, think about changing something in your diet!!

My weight will decrease at a steady rate over the next few days, but when it starts to level off I’ll drop my carbs a bit. Pretty simple! If you’d like to jump on to my body shred challenge and need more instruction, shoot me an email at!

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