Hi my name is Kristal and I’m a client of Summer White. I’m just presenting this to let you know the success that happened for me and after meeting with Summer. She gave me a great meal plan with a lot more food on the plan than I had been eating. Typically I was eating 3 meals a day or 6 small meals, which would consist of something like a celery stick with some peanut butter. But after meeting with Summer she gave me more food than I thought I needed. And it has helped me tremendously in losing my weight. I’m a project account manager so I’m quite busy, on the phone, meetings things like that – so there are days that I’ll go without eating. But after speaking with Summer I have armed myself with a variety of food that I can package, put in the refrigerator at my desk, or in my car or purse – if I’m in those meetings and I just don’t have time to make a meal or go out and grab something. It was surprising to me because I workout — maybe I’ll do the treadmill or go to the gym but after meeting with Summer I actually didn’t workout as much and I lost way more weight than I have in years. So I’m probably smaller now than I have been in quite a bit. So I weigh less now than I did before I had my daughter, who by the way 20 year old. Also the supplements that she provided, that was surprising to me because I was doing a multi-vitamin and I thought that was enough. But after meeting with Summer she has show and given me – she has armed me with an immense amount of knowledge, about clean eating and also how fun it can be and how tasteful and tasty it can be to bring in clean eating and bring it into your family and have my husband and my daughter — I’m doing small steps with them, but they have done a tremendous job with helping me and supporting me, but also making it easy for me transition our home into that process. The challenge that i had was? Just trying to balance life and balance it all and trying to implement this into my home, into my life, into the life of my family. i didn’t want to have to make two different separate meals one for my family and one for myself.  So I think that was slightly a challenge for me, that was probably the only challenge for me. And not working out as much, there’s working out – has been a tremendous, it helps with stress, it helps with a variety of things but clean eating, with Summer showing me – I consider her my compass. She took out the guesswork, she took out, she has pointed me in the right direction to now, I just go and I know what I’m supposed to do. If I’m going out with friends, I know that I don’t really need to eat off the main menu, I can eat an appetizer and be smart about what I’m eating or what I’m having for the day. She has been a lifesaver for me, because I really have seen a huge difference, and not only have I seen it but friends and family members have definitely seen the changes in my body. I’m constantly getting constant compliments on how much weight I’ve lost. So I would definitely recommend Summer to any and everyone. I’ve told tons of friends and family about her because she’s been — she’s just awesome, she’s incredible. Have a great day and thank you!