As we move into the cooler months and the holidays approach, most of us have kicked into overdrive in order to churn out the final fruits of productivity before the new year. While this is good and normal, I also want to encourage balance. Not just physically in terms of eating meals with fats, carbs, and proteins or making sure you add a stretching routine with your lifting, but mental balance as well. (We don’t want to get caught looking like we didn’t drink our V-8 juice!)
We are all busy and life can pass by so quickly if we don’t take active measures to slow it down and enjoy. This doesn’t have to be a thirty minute meditation class. Most of us rarely take the time to close our eyes and take one deep breath, unless we’re trying to stay awake while in line at the grocery store, or biting our tongue from cussing up a storm while stuck in traffic!
This has been a great year! For some of us it is significant. We’ve learned to fight the strong desire to reach for sugary snacks, greasy fast food, drugs, or alcohol. Collectively, the Soma Team and those around us have lost hundreds of pounds this year, learning on a daily basis how to nourish our bodies and improved our lives. It is an amazing dance really… move your body and eat foods that come from the earth and watch your life change. Top that off with a some deep breaths to reflect and show your gratitude and our lives begin to transform.
This brings me to the next subject, Thanksgiving! It is my absolute favorite holiday. I look forward to the food, friends and family vibes all year! Inevitably, I always get a million questions from the Soma community about how to manage the biggest feast of the year. So let me guess what you might be thinking as we’re now 1 week away from this glutenous holiday: Ahhhhhhh, how do I enjoy myself and not sabatoge my health next Thursday? Below, is your handy dandy guide that will help you navigate Turkey Day, without the awful stomach ache the day after! (Click on image to download)
(Just keep in mind that protein is your friend that day!) Remember, I want you to BALANCE your good time so you can really enjoy yourself to the fullest!
Here’s to deep breaths,