When you came to Soma Fitness what was your fitness goal?

I wanted to compete as a body builder in the bikini division. I went to a retreat one weekend to learn more about it, and Summer was one of the IFBB pro girls at the retreat. I loved her energy and felt really comfortable with her.
What is your profession? How did you manage daily life with the program?
When I first started with Soma Fitness, I was doing PR and Marketing in house for a jewelry designer. Most of my work was done at a computer, in an office with coworkers who LOVED to order takeout and bring tempting treats into the office. When I started the program, one of my biggest milestones was being able to see a huge platter of chocolate chip cookies (I have a major sweet tooth) and say to myself, “I’m gonna take a little walk around the block instead of indulging.” Learning that self control was an awesome feeling. 
Now I own my own online shop where I sell women’s fitness apparel (www.peachpopfashion.com), so I work from home. In some ways it’s easier because I make my own schedule, so I can workout when I want, but it’s still so important to meal prep so I get the right food in at the right times. 
What was your athletic/fitness background before Soma?
I’ve always been pretty active and was working out about 4 times/week when I started the program – cardio kickboxing, tennis, beach runs, etc. I wasn’t necessarily scared of lifting weights, I just wasn’t really lifting heavy or targeting one muscle group at a time.
What was most surprising about working with Soma? Or if you worked with another trainer in the past how was working with Summer different?
Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. I’ve always considered myself a healthy eater. Yogurt or toast with almond butter in the morning, fruit, sandwiches with whole wheat bread, salads, veggies with hummus and dark chocolate were my staples. I read magazines like Women’s Health that told me those were the things I should be eating. The problem is all of our bodies are not created equally. Turns out dairy and gluten make me super bloated and give me a stomach ache, but I had adapted and was just tolerating the feeling. I learned how drastic altering my diet could change the way my body reacted to my workouts. What’s the point in busting your ass every day at the gym if your diet isn’t allowing you to see the results you want?? 
I also love the personal touch I get with Soma. Talking to Summer on a regular basis gives me the extra push I need at times to conquer that early morning cardio or stay on track with my diet. I’ve become very aware of what food feels good in my body and what doesn’t . When my body isn’t reacting the way it should, we switch up something in the diet – I’m still always surprised to see how one small change can make me feel so different!
What was the most challenging part of working with Soma?
At first the most challenging part was time management. Having a full time job, working out twice a day, meal prepping and attempting to sleep took some getting used to. Now I know how to prioritize my time and what works best for me. It’s not the same for everyone. It takes some trial and error, but once you get the hang of it, it feels great!
What advice would you give to anyone thinking about doing a program or competing in a fitness competition?
Fitness competition: 
1.) Organize. Take a look at your life and your schedule and find out when you can fit in workouts to maximize your time and when you can meal prep.  
2.) Be prepared to leave some of your social life behind. When you’re working out twice a day, working, meal prepping, keeping up with your errands, etc. AND trying to sleep, socializing sometimes moves towards the bottom of the ladder. However, it’s still important to fit it in when you can for your own sanity. 
3.) If you want to do it, dive in! Commit 100% and you can make it happen. After all, we have just as many hours in the day as Beyonce. And it will feel so good when you’ve accomplished your goal!