Daily gallons of Fiji water digging a hole in your wallet? Can’t afford a high dollar purification system that removes lead and other heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride and other common toxic chemicals? The next best thing for your health would be purified, ionized alkaline water that is re-mineralized with trace minerals.

Not all water is created equal and not all bottled water is regulated with safety standards, so you need to know what you’re putting in your body. Tap water in the USA is just about the best in the world but because of sewage releases, heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals like arsenic and disinfectants, pharmaceuticals, and the lot, we can be exposed to very dangerous contaminants in our daily liquid life source.

Our soil has been depleted of many essential minerals, and our SAD (standard american diet) way of eating sugary, starchy foods with low nutrient quality means we are getting even less from our food. Many people have been finding out that they have mineral deficiencies that can cause a host of problems.

So if you can’t afford the expensive stuff that is bottled at the source with naturally occurring minerals, look into water that has been purified and re-mineralized with Trace minerals from a reputable source. My favorites in LA are Alka Source on 8th and Irolo or Beyond O2 on Main street near Pico Blvd.