Hard to believe that in less than 3 weeks, it’ll be 2015. Where did the year go?! Feels like just yesterday Tamara and I were ringing in 2014! I was in the jungle of Tulum, Mexico, and Tam was hanging with frosty elms in NYC. A new year always gets me reflecting on the past and planning my future. Like most of you, I have fitness and health goals I want to accomplish in 2015 (come on vegetarian muscles, grow!!) . This is also the time of year when most people start to ask me, “Summer, how do I lose 20 pounds?”, or “How do I make this the last year I set a New Year’s resolution to get in shape?”.
2010 was the year I decided revolutionize my health and life path.  I never imagined it would lead me to where I am now; an IFBB Pro bikini athlete who lives by being of service to all of those that come to me wanting to dramatically transform their own health and life through the vehicle of diet and training!  As many of you are at various stages of revolutionizing your own lives, here are some important lessons I learned while becoming a Pro Athlete that will help on your own journeys:
1) Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Quit trolling other people’s Instagram or Facebook pages! It often leads to self-doubt, anger at your own progress, overtraining, judgement, etc.
2) Trust the process and enjoy the ride! Progress may not come as quickly as you want it but this isn’t Burger King – you can’t have it your way, right away! It’s a lifestyle change you want, not instant gratification. I encourage you to take progress pictures and measurements because sometimes your own eyes can’t see small changes.
3) Enjoy new information and stay fluid. Constant diet changes or macro manipulation can be overwhelming but it’s like watching a new movie and anxiously waiting for each ending. Just roll with it!
4) Branding is a key element to success. Posting on social media helped me build a following of supporters, but they began to hold me accountable and regard me as someone that could represent the IFBB Pro reputation. Stay consistent with your message. Even when I’m down, my brand is about strength and finding strength through all situations. Don’t forget – 2015 could be the year you inspire, motivate, or encourage someone else…the year they’re asking you for support and advice…the year you’re sharing your own lessons learned! Define your own personal brand and what you want to stand for.
Now I know it’s not even Christmas or Hanukkah yet, but it doesn’t hurt to start thinking of who you ARE in 2015.  I say who you are, and not who you will be because now is the time! Live like you’re already a pro, already an inspiration, and are abundant! The beauty of these lessons is that they can apply to all aspects of your life – professional careers, hobbies, relationships.  Hopefully these lessons I’ve shared will help you think about and plan your 2015 goals!