To lead or influence someone, particularly when they are in a state of vulnerability or in need of help.

Straight from the mouth of Merriam-Webster! Here in La, we’ve been seeing weather below 60!!! I’d call that a state of vulnerability. haha

Our newsletter list is nearing 1000 strong as we close this chapter of 2014! 1000 people that are empowering their lives by arming themselves with an artillery of tools to help them achieve personal greatness!!

At times, the information may not relate to an issue you’re experiencing, but think about your social circle, your family members, and coworkers. We all experience challenges, fall off, or get confused, and a friendly guide can always help steer you back in the right direction! I aim to create these guides because I really just love to help! I’m a personal trainer by trade, so naturally I live to see people improve their lives.

Winter is when people usually let themselves go a little…or a lot; but, this year is going to be different, Superstars! I’ve armed you with the Eating Out Guide, the handy dandy Thanksgiving (or any holiday) Guide, and now you will be furnished with a super useful Winter Workout Guide. Prepare for the temptation to stay in your cozy bed all weekend long, drinking brandy hot totties, and noshing on peppermint bark. No excuses for packing on pointless pounds now – we’re going to stay bikini-ready and healthy all year long!

*Gym Time:

-Who doesn’t love fresh air, sun beaming on your face outdoor runs and hiking trails?! Now the cold and rain combined with less hours of natural daylight can only mean one thing – PACKED GYMS! We haven’t even mentioned the New Year Resolution people that will soon join the mix in January! But don’t let a crowded gym kill your vibe, my friends!


If possible, avoid peak hours; of course, everyone goes after work! Maybe this is when you try getting into the habit of going before work. Many gyms are pretty sparse until 8am. Perfect time to get in your Fasted Cardio and watch the gorgeous sun rise!

-Don’t neglect your cardio, especially on the days when you’ve had some of Santa’s holiday cookies and spiked eggnog! If you’re bulking, you don’t need to be doing massive amounts of plyo and hiit cardio, so stay in the grrove and spice it up a little with a fun dance, spinning, or Zumba class. Most studios offer a discount or free first class for newbies.

-Busy with holiday mall shopping? Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, and park your car a little further away when safe to do so. The extra steps during the day will add up.
*Food Time:

-Bulk up. It’s always best to eat seasonal, local food because there is an abundance of the crop, making it less expensive. Also, produce that is shipped often gets zapped with bursts of radiation to kill germs, and treated with waxes to protect it during travel, this can affect flavor and nutrient quality. Winter foods include pomegranates and persimmons, collard greens and brussels sprouts, rutabagas, and squash like acorn, spaghetti, and pumpkin. These hearty choices have a little extra sugar and starch, but not to fret they are perfect pre- and pos- workout choices. Winter is a great time to increase your muscle mass before you lean out in the Spring so hit that weight room and don’t be afraid to lift heavy. It will make your summer body DY-NO-MITE!

-Holiday parties and office treats have the potential to foil your healthy eating habits. No reason to be depressed and left out, just follow these suggestions:
-Remember when I encouraged you all to track your meals using the MyFitnessPal app? Well if you haven’t gotten into that habit, try again now! Good or bad, tracking what you’re eating is a sure fire way to monitor your consumption.  If you are feeling pressured by your boss to try one of his/her daughter’s famous jelly rolls, cut off a small piece and calculate the carbs into your diet. Just skip out on your lunch toast so you don’t go over your alloted carb macros for the day.
-Pack your meals for work every day. If you have healthy baby carrots and tahini dip, or a hard boiled egg whites, avocado, tomato sandwhich to reach for, you’ll be less inclined to grab a gingerbread cookie your coworker baked.
-Office party? Here’s a yummy recipe you can bring, and folks wont even know it’s healthy!


-Libations on the holiday party menu? Avoid the empty calories if you can, or stick to clear liquors like tequila, gin, and vodka and mix with low cal or calorie free options like stevia soda water with muddled mint and lime (healthy mojito), or even stevia and fresh lime juice (healthy margarita). A small glass of champagne for your NYE Toast is okay, just pass on the bread!
*Health Time: In the wise words of Elle Woods, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands; they just don’t.” It really is true that maintaining an active lifestyle keeps you healthy and happy; but none of us are immune robots and no one is as happy when they’re under the weather. Colds, the flu, allergies – winter is prime time for icky little bugs.

-It’s common sense but, wash your hands often. Be sure to wipe down your machines at the gym before and after your use them.
-If you take any vitamins or supplements, remain consistent this time of year so your immune system stays strong. Food is your friend here as well – peppers (chili and bell), kale, strawberries, kiwi, and Brussels sprouts all have more Vitamin C than oranges!
-One of my all time favorite immune boosters when I feel a respiratory cold coming on is an herbal supplement called Kick Ass Immune by Wish Garden. It is loaded with the powerful elderflower, yarrow, and echinacea plants which aid in circulation, are anti-inflammatory, anti-parastic, antibiotic and much much more.