Can I make payments on my program? Yes, Gold and Platinum members can break their monthly cost into two payments per month. We are very excited about our Silver and Bronze plans which allow us to provide quality, affordable health and fitness access to everyone. You will be billed each month on the day you start. We use Paypal to process credit and debit card payments.


Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, our plans are month to month with the exception of Showstopper clients who have three month contracts. If you are not a Showstopper client, you can cancel anytime. Just send us an email at soma@somafitness.com and we’ll cancel your membership within 24 hours.


I’m having problems logging in to the site. What do I do?

Email soma@somafitness.com and we’ll help you out!


I’m a Bronze/Silver Member. How do I see my daily workouts?

Go to the workout calender and scroll your mouse over each day to expand the desired workout. 


I am vegetarian/vegan/paleo, will Soma Fitness programs work for me?

Yes! When you sign up for the Gold or Platinum plan, Summer will go over all of your dietary needs in detail. Bronze and Silver members have access to the detailed food exchange list which can guide those with special needs to foods that work for them. If you get stuck you can always reach out to Summer during your “Ask Anything” call, diet evaluation or for higher tier members, during your bi-weekly coaching call.


Do I get talk to Summer? Yes. Every membership tier gets to interact with Summer. Bronze members receive access to our bi-weekly, 45-minute “Ask Anything” calls with Summer. Silver members you get a one-on-one diet evaluation with Summer or another Soma Fitness fitness/nutrition expert plus our “Ask Anything” calls. Gold and Platinum members receive one-on-one in person coaching as well as phone and email access with Summer.


Do I get to meet Summer in person? Yep, you do. Gold and Platinum members receive in person training sessions with Summer. Other members are able to meet Summer at our bootcamps or meet ups. Watch our blog and social media sites to find out when these will be held!


Do you have a physical location? Yes. Summer trains clients out of a state-of-the-art, private facility located in the Park La Brea District of Los Angeles.


Do you have an app to help me with my food exchange or to track calories? Currently, we love the app MyFitnessPal which can be downloaded to your smart phone or computer. Gold and Platinum members calories will be calculated for you. Bronze and Silver members receive guidence on how to calculate either calories or macros and everyone receives a handy exchange guide which includes approved foods.


I’m not quite ready to sign up for a program, what can I do? That’s okay. Go ahead and check out our blog and watch our videos on Youtube. Make sure you stay active, whether it is a dance class, hiking or if you are in Los Angeles check out our partner Olympian Malachi Davis’ track workouts at UCLA or our spin sister Karen Maxwell at Easton Gym.


MyFitFoods Add On PackageFor those who are too busy or dislike cooking – Soma Fitness has partnered with MyFitFoods to offer pre-made, healthy meals. MyFitFoods offers breakfast, lunch, dinner entrees, and healthy snacks. Summer will chose your food based on your dietary needs, restrictions, and preferences. Each meal costs between $4 and $9.50 per meal. This takes the excuses out of meal-prep and saves you valuable time! Get 2-3 pre-cooked and packaged meals a la carte meals per day (roughly 56-72 meals depending on menu choice) for $600/month.
* Best if substituted along side an organic protein powder, and healthy veggies or fats according to each individual plan. **Delivery available to home or office twice per week for an additional charge or free if picked up on location.