OptIn Page

This is your OptIn Page. The purpose of an opt-in page is to generate interest in your membership program, products, and a variety of other similar items. By creating a compelling reason for your potential clients to give you their email address or other contact information, you have the ability to follow up with your leads and to keep them informed about things that might eventually spark their interest in making a purchase. We recommend giving away something that your leads will get true value from as integrity definitely helps in converting leads to clients. Some people will create multi page eBooks while others simply give free trial membership offers or discounts on making a purchase. Whatever it might be, place all the necessary information and promotional assets like images, videos, and/or testimonials on this page along with a form or ‘Connect with Facebook’ button from your OfficeAutopilot account.

(Hook this form up to a lead generation sequence where you will get notified about the new lead and get tasked to follow up with them. This comes standard with the Build a List ‘Pro Services membership package.‘)