It’s been almost a year since my last Soma Speaks event, in which I hosted fully 9 months pregnant! The past 11 months have definitely been colorful, navigating life as a new mom, but even through times of discord with my husband, self-discrepancy, physical exhaustion, confusion and the like, I still felt, relatively, in control. Through past adversity, I’ve grown and developed resilience that has helped me with new difficulties. I wanted to curate a conversation to perhaps help others dealing with changes in their lives. Soma Nutrition joyfully returned to Coco Mat – Soho for the event: Finding Empowerment Through Challenging Transitions. 

The conversation focused on stress and trauma and the panelists provided tools to interpret challenges in a way that would allow us to navigate them more efficiently and emerge stronger.  Some things we can’t control. It’s important to find support and learn to let go.

We spoke about how imperative it is to commit to a personalized self-care practice. These practices not only provide a stable foundation that we can fall back on during difficult times but also help us grow. Self-care is varied and can include journaling, meditating, attending support groups, creating boundaries, budgeting, exercising, mindful eating, and utilizing positive affirmations and self-compassion. 

As we are evolving into our highest selves, working towards living our authentic purpose, we begin to realize that our relationships, careers, accomplishments and even appearance do not define us. They can bring joy when in alignment but shouldn’t cause worry when rocky, over, or have transformed in some way. Try looking at these transformed situations from a neutral place then ask yourself: how can I listen better, express more, communicate from a place of love and understanding over fear and anger, stop comparing and judging, and heal my mind and body so I’m stronger in the future?

If you’d like to connect with the Soma Speaks panelists, for guided help through a challenge you’ve been faced with, please refer to their email addresses below.

Summer White-Suski Nutritionist & founder/CEO Soma Nutrition

Ellen Schweitzer Certified Life Coach Your Next Chapter

Lindsay Pfeffer Esq, Partner Cohen Rabin Stine Schumann 

Stephen Kosmicki Psychotherapist

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