You read all of the Soma Fitness emails. You know the difference between protein, fat and carbs. You know that thirty minutes of exercise will significantly reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and other illnesses. Yet you just can’t seem to follow through and lose the weight you want. Time and time again, you ask yourself – what is wrong with me?


A new book, video or diet isn’t going to magically get you off your butt and into the gym. You see the problem isn’t that you need more information. We live in the information age. One quick Google search can provide enough to get you started with any goal that you imagine.


The problem is work, your commute, the kids, your bad knee or (fill in the blank) are getting in the way. You know what to do, you just can’t seem to do it. Then you get down on yourself because you “just aren’t disciplined enough.” Sound familiar?


When we are stressed out, tired, or anxious it is too easy to turn on Netflix, grab a bottle of wine and order some Chinese takeout. We know this is sabotaging our goals but we do it anyway. But why? What is the psychology behind this?


Work, romantic relationships, children and finances are just a few of the things that can cause stress in our lives. Everyone has stressors in their lives, even highly successful people. The answer lies in the way we manage and process stress and emotional discomfort. Most of us never learned healthy ways to deal with this so when we feel discomfort we immediately want to cover it up and make it go away. Many of us numb ourselves with a cocktail, or reach for fatty, fried foods or sugar in hopes of comforting ourselves.


So what can we do different the next time these feelings come up? How can we prepare for the stress, and the anxiety? And they will come… maybe even today.


The first step is to know your pattern and your triggers and then create new healthy, coping behaviors.


Food prep is a great example of this. If you know that your weekdays are crazy, and you are prone to rushing around all day without food, then out of desperation and starvation binging on a double-meat pepperoni pizza at the end of the day – why not prep your food on Sundays when you have some extra time?


Stock your house with bananas, raw almonds, Quest bars, Sun Warrior protein, grilled chicken and other healthy food you can reach for quickly. Empty the cupboards of the Doritos and other quick fix junk food. Don’t have time to cook? Toss your chicken in a Crockpot and let it do the work while you relax. Then pack a lunch and bring this to work with you. A little extra planning can go a long way.


Is work hectic and filled with deadlines and conference calls? Even the busiest executive can take five minutes every few hours to stretch their legs and take a break. Leave your phone at your desk, and stroll down the block. Reach down and touch your toes! Take some deep breaths and rebalance yourself. It may not seem like a big deal but even a few short walking breaks can keep you from getting overwhelmed enough to reach for that mid-afternoon chocolate bar.


Is wine one of your favorite treats to help you unwind when you get home? Try reaching for a Kevita drink instead. Kevita is sweet, yet low sugar and has plenty of healthy probiotics.  I like to pour my Kevita into a wine glass for a little extra luxury. Then I grab a heating pad and drape it over my neck and shoulders for extra pampering, while catching up on my favorite TV show at the end of the day. I still get the relaxation without the next day dehydration or extra calories.


Have a terrible day and you’re mad at the world? I have them too. Instead, of drowning my sorrows in a bowl of macaroni and cheese I go sit in the steam room at the gym for fifteen minutes. On these days I don’t put pressure on myself to workout. If I feel like it – great. If not then I’ll just stretch and head home to get some rest.


Can’t find someone to watch your kids so you can go workout? That’s okay. Make working out a family activity when you turn on a fitness DVD. (We like Beach Body’s Bum Bum Rapido!)


Stop right now, and take a few minutes to draft your own “stress scenario” alternatives. Life is tough and we are all faced with daily stress and anxiety. The question is, are you prepared to conquer your goals despite these challenges?


One of the benefits of having a coach is having someone who can provide these type of helpful hints, keep you on track and super motivated when the going gets rough.


If you are ready to make those changes and create the body you deserve, send us an email at


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