Yesterday, Team Soma ran the Spartan Sprint in Temecula, California. The race was 4.5 miles of hills, flats, muddy bogs and off trail challenges with 25 obstacles including walls, rope climbs, and water jumps.

Summer conquered the course in 1:26:42. She placed 14th in the Women’s 30-34 age group, Top 4 percent of women, and Top 10 percent overall! Teammate Oscar Romero finished along with Summer. Finishing third for the Soma team was Aaron Rosenberg with a time of 1:31.


We’re especially proud of Jessica Lewis and Tamara White who finished together with a time of 2:24:16, and in the top 60 percent of all women finishers! A year ago, Jessica (click here to see her story) was just beginning her fitness journey and Tamara was struggling with low thyroid function. Finishing the race was a huge accomplishment for both of them!


Check out the video below for more photos!